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Foam Boat Decking Solutions Key West

MarineMat takes on the harshest of marine environments Key West and The Florida Keys climate has to offer. All while offering superior comfort and durability over other decking solutions. With a large variety of textures, colors and designs on the market. MarineMat is an ideal decking remplacement product for any type of boat, ranging from mega yachts to runabouts to sailboats. What sets MarineMat apart from other suppliers is that we offer snap in version that can be removed as desired.

Color Swatches

Deep Blue Printing offers many options for the coloring of MarineMat decking and is always expanding their line of products. Please feel free to reach out to us to discuss colors and texture options.





Aegean Blue

Mint green

Granite With Black





Ice Blue


Ocean Camo

Slate Gray




Forest Green


Snow Camo

Mist Gray



Gulf Stream Blue

Neon Green


espresso granite

MarineMat’s closed-cell EVA foam is UV stable, so it won’t fade in direct sunlight and is extremely resistant to stains, mold and mildew while staying soft and comfortable to stand on. MarineMat boat decking stays cool to the touch and provides shock-absorbing cushion, making your time on the water more enjoyable whether you’re an avid fisherman, standing for long periods of time or are simply having a relaxing day catching some rays.

We work closely with the boat owner to create a dramatic, one-of-a-kind look by discussing colors, textures and even adding custom logos, artwork or patterns into the material. Whether wet or dry, MarineMat offers excellent traction for safety and comfort when moving around on the boat. Each texture, whether dimpled, brushed or solid is easy-to-clean and comes with a 3-year warranty.

  • Installs easily with 3M PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive)Peel and stick application
  • Closed cell EVA foam
  • UV-stable for durability in harsh climates
  • Wide variety of colors and textures available
  • 3-year limited warranty
  • Easy to clean
  • Mold, mildew and stain resistant
  • Stays cooler than other surfaces in direct sunlight
  • Largest EVA sheet size, allowing for fewer seams and greater design options
  • Customizable with logos and designs
  • Shock absorbing cushioned feel under foot
  • Great traction — wet or dry, with or without shoes
Can MarineMat be installed over non-skid floors?

Yes it can. When we design the kit we do our best to get the outer edge of all mats outside the border of the non-skid to help ensure a good seal.

How do I clean my new MarineMat?

Cleaning MarineMat is very easy. In most cases a quick rinse with a hose keeps it looking great. You can also wash it the same way you typically wash a standard boat deck. For more detailed instructions see our care and maintenance instructions.

How long will MarineMat last?

MarineMat is very durable, formulated to be outside and endure the elements. MarineMat has a 3-year warranty against defects but can last much longer than this with proper care. Keeping your mats covered when you are not using them will extend their life considerably. You should treat them similarly to the way you treat your vinyl seats or other soft materials in your boat.

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